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Originally Posted by HuskerRed View Post
New mustang owner and new to the forums. I've been researching axle backs for months now and came across the BBK varitune axle backs. I can't find much feedback or reviews out there and was hoping someone could enlighten me? If you don't know about the varitune system, it allows you to adjust the sound.
Thank you.

The Varitune axleback is pretty cool IMO. When tweaking the "adjustable power valve," you can alter the exhaust volume/tone by 8-10 decibels. I personally, like this feature because you can make your own exhaust tone that you like the best. Since everyone has different opinions in exhaust, it's nice to have the adjust-ability to find your "sweet spot."

Have you seen the video we made comparing the different settings with our 2006 GT? It posted it below if you haven't yet.


Mustang BBK Varitune Axle Back Exhaust (05-10 GT) Sound Clip - YouTube

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