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Originally Posted by JBert View Post
wait, supercharger actuallly INCREASED gas mileage?

that's just the info that I need to finalize my cost justification for my TVS, sign me up!

half kidding . . . this sounds too good to be true . . . keep us posted!
LOL - yeah, in Bizarro world...

Normally your car isn't going to be in boost when you're driving steady-state on the highway. All the supercharger is doing is coming along for the ride and adding some drag. Best case scenario is you get close to what you were getting before you supercharged it. Don't know about the Roush but the eforce marketing bullet point: "...integrated bypass valve helps eliminate parasitic loss under light throttle for improved mileage potential...". An attempt to remove the blower as much out of the equation as possible so it doesn't hurt mpg too much (not improve it) ....

I'm thinking its more rose color glasses, which is a good state of mind to be in.

OP - Congratulations!


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