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Originally Posted by slowfiveo View Post
I ordered a sequential led tail light kit for my 06 gt. They shipped two seperate packages. One by ups which had the harness for the tail lights then, another package by usps that contained the led tail light bulbs and 2 packages containing what says to be a "Raxiom switchback resistor kit". The instructions that came with the resistors say it's a turn signal conversion kit. I attached a pic.

do I need these for the led tail light conversion? Is this a mistake?
Originally Posted by newponyboy04 View Post
yes. otherwise the led will blink VERY fast. as if its having a spaz attack
^This is correct. The switchback resistors are designed to slow down the turn signals. Without them, they'll blink very fast. It's a very simple install and we can help you through it if you have any questions! Just feel free to give my CS team a call and they'll gladly help out out.


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