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Zombie thread!

That said you can buy a key for the car on ebay (I got one for like $20) and program it to the car yourself as long as you have at least two keys that are already programmed to the car.

So with that said I'd recommend spending the $$ now to buy a key & key fob off ebay cheap and program it to your car. That way if you lose one of your keys you'll still have two left over and can program another new one yourself without paying the dealer big money.

Edit - whoops, didn't see the post at the end of the last page where someone already recommended this... One thing about that - I bought a key on ebay as mentioned above but most [smaller] hardware stores wouldn't touch it since it wasn't a key they sold to me and didn't want the liability of having cut it if it didn't work (even though I assured them I wouldn't blame them if it didn't).

I ended up going to walmart and they cut it for me for free but said they wouldn't be able to program it for me (which I didn't care about since I could do it myself).

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