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Originally Posted by joenat View Post
Thanks alot guys maybe ill spring the extra bucks for the Invos. Most of my driving will be highway back and forth to work. I wanna have the confidence she'll stay planted in the rain and not be bald in 25,000 Miles. I read user reviews on the Sumitomos and there were more negatives then good. The nittos (to me) make more sense.

The Nitto NT555's have been out for a long time. I've used them on several different cars over the years too. I think you'll like these tires the best because of the performance gains they offer, yet are still very bearable in poor weather.

As far as thread life, I'd expect them to last 30-35k miles. I've seen them last as long as 40k, but it really depends on your driving style and road conditions. Regardless, I think this is killer mileage for any performance tire!

Let me know if you have more questions!


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