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Originally Posted by jedij0e View Post
Flowmasters sound great. I worked with a guy that had Flowmasters on his 2012 gt. cs. I have gt 500 on mine (2012 gt also) He complimented the sound on mine and said he loved the sound. I also thought his sounded great too. Flowmasters were a little louder. Not much. GT 500s were cheaper. As for tips they come already on the axel backs so no reason to change them. Also the bigger diameter on Flowmasters looks way better (4 inch tips) vs. (stock is 3 inch)
I was looking at just getting the mufflers from an autoparts store and keeping the stock tips (it would cost 180$ compared to 400$ for the axleback kit which is the same mufflers with the 4" tips) - would that make it not sound as good? - you make a good point though, them 4"tips could give me some +aesthetics.

Originally Posted by marylandGT View Post
Yes, they will sound better but not buy a lot. Same tone but a little louder. If you want it a lot louder you may want to look at other options. I went to a single chamber race muffler because dual chambers weren't gettin it done for me. When I get on it, people are hurting their necks turning to look. Haha.

They sound perfect to me on the sound clips - or is it because they have the 4" tips? if i just replace the mufflers and keep the stock tips will they not sound good?

thanks heavy metal!
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