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Originally Posted by enjracing View Post
i assume as i bought these through amazon that they have reverse polarity. but, before i start snipping the ends off and switching them, how can i know for sure if they are incorrect? tnx.
You know what man I read all up on this when I was buying speakers AFTER I bought the harness and it was backwards. I also talked to another member on here who installed his, then re-installed after he was reading about reverse polarity. He said it made no real difference that he could tell and wouldn't hack the wires if he had to do it again. Also, w/ the speakers all in one (I believe they are called component speakers) it doesn't matter like it would w/ non-component (separate mids and tweets). I read that from a credible source about audio. Can't remember where but it wasn't just some keyboard jockey on a forum.

I went ahead and just installed mine from Amazon that were backwards and it sounds great. Just my 0.02

EDIT: check this thread out. I think it's page 3 where there is a picture of the harness that shows what is reversed

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