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Originally Posted by tlmissig61 View Post
HAHA I'll bet you have a lot of fun messing with people who think you're stock. What did you end up putting down with that setup and what size blower was it?

$6500 is more than I paid for my car all together! Time to start pinching pennies.

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I don't think even the guy driving the car to the dyno knew at first lol! When I had it on a dyno jet it made 358rwh 409rwt @10.8# boost. It made 303rwh 322rwt @10.2# boost. This was on a mustang dyno though.
The tuner said it should run high 12's as it sit at around 109mph. I don't know about the mph with stock exhaust I told him. The Afr average was 11.1 but would in the 10's at times. They said the tune was safe but could get another 30 to 40 horse out of it. The drum was loaded at over 3600 pounds. Maybe I will get a custom tune eventually. i think 340 horse on a mustang dyno on a bone stock gt would be awesome.

2002 Mustang gt conv kenne bell 10psi intercooled.
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