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Originally Posted by percy072 View Post
^^agree 100%...considering the cost, time, and effort just to "duplicate" the shaker, especially if your looking at buying a set of door panels and it wouldn't be just plug and play...

Going from base to anything decent is pretty involved, why not make it count the first time...these would be a great start (this place is my new candy land) - CL-61A.2-25 PRO+FD2100 - CDT Audio/ARC Audio 6.5" Component Sound Quality Package
Right now, I simply don't want to spend much on a stereo other than the door panels which I am getting no matter what since I hate the plain stock Base panels so much. The door subs provide two functions for me: better bass and they make the panels look less featureless and boring. I am considering some used stock stereo parts if I can easily upgrade it to the Shaker 500 which is why I need to know what exactly makes up the Shaker 500 vs. the Base system.
I should also mention that I'm by no means a novice to stereos or aftermarket systems. I've installed a few in my cars myself 100% on multiple occasions. Amps, subs, amp wiring, component speakers, etc, are all quite familiar to me. I used to sell and install home and car audio for a living.
Does anyone know for sure if the Shaker amp or amps are in the stock head unit or if they are externally mounted? If they are externally located outside of the stock stereo then where are they mounted? Are the top door speakers the same on the Base and Shaker 500 and if not what is different about them?
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