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Dyno Results and Limp Mode Issue

We started to work on my car yesterday at 10am troubleshooting a Safe Mode problem. This mostly happens when the car is decelerating or makes a right hand turn. It also happened at wide open throttle when i droped from 5th to 4th on the high way. We think its a wiring harness issue. We emlimated the throttle bottle, Battery Connections and every thing appears to be hooked up right. So we took it to the dealership and had them check to see if my computer had all the TSB's updated. My computer was fine but they brought up a voltage spike error which we didnt get in the shop. So now we looked at my alternator and tested it. The alternator shows good when testing it and we havent been able to see a voltage spike at all. We even sent the base tune to SCT and had them check it out and they said it was perfect. So we decided to DYNO it now because it runs fine just at deceleration or when the motor would move sense it did it at WOT

So we took it to the dyno and tuned it for about 4 hours. Had to replace my fuel pump cause it went out on the first run lol. But we got some progress not all. We were not able to get my AFR perfect though due to the fact that my 42lb injectors wont cut it any more. So I am getting 62 or 65lb put in today. Well that concludes my day at the dyno hopfully we can find that problem with the fail safe mode. Any one else run into this issue?

By the way I put out 514 RWHP and 440 FTLB with out having the AFR down to a T and with no timing adjustments just bairly getting started still. I will post a dyno chart once we get the real numbers when were done

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