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Originally Posted by califsp View Post
I guess we should answer the OP's question. The Shaker 500 in my 2013 consists of a head unit that powers the door 5 1/4" mid and 1" tweeter in each door plus the 2 5x7 speakers in the rear deck. Also, the Shaker 500 includes a 8" sub in each door. The subs are powered by a single amp behind the driver's side kick panel. The total max advertised power of the Shaker 500 is 370 amps. This is down quite a bit from the previous years of 500+ amps. The truth is the door subs sound more like woofers. All the speakers are of low quality with paper cones and small magnets.

I kept the stock head unit and the stock amp in the kick panel. I changed all the speakers out to 2ohm JBLs. 6.5" components in the doors and rear deck and 6.5" woofers where the 8" subs were. 2ohm because that matches the output of the stock amps. So, you'll have plenty of volume. Also, I added a decent amp and a real sub.

Most people are changing the door speakers to some better 5x7 or 6x8 and calling it a day. This is a good fix if you want to keep the budget low.
Interesting - I didn't know there was a separate amp for the shaker 500 behind the kickplate.

I think you can get a shaker 500 radio & amp fairly cheap - if you look around - but I have to agree the door subs sound more like woofers in my 2009 that has the 500 system - however in the 2014 with the pro system the door subs sound excellent - the system sound quality is much more balanced with midrange than the 500 system - If I had a vehicle that only had the stock radio I would probably put in the 500 system radio and amp - and go aftermarket jbl's per your above - and an aftermarket sub for the back - this would be an excellent system with a balance of price.

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