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PATS system is build into the key cylinder and a key is programmed to the code for the car. This is not something that can be taken out, as it is built into the car by ford. The viper alarm will only stop the starter from receiving power when the alarm system has been triggered. Find the brain to the alarm and start back tracking the wires from there. There will be thin gauge wire (18-20) going to the lock/unlock, arm/disarm, parking lights, door and trunk triggers and hood pin (if installed). There will also be a ground wire running to chassis and an antenna wire to an antenna (usually installed on the windshield). You will also have your valet switch and LED light. The main wires to be concerned about are the wires going to your main ignition harness. There you will find connections to constant +12V and ignition. You will also find your starter wire cut and tapped into two terminals on a relay (87a and 30). You will need to cut the relay out and solder your starter wire back together. Be very carful when disconnecting the +12 volt wire from the car, as it will short if it touches ground. Wrap it up very good in electric tape. Viper has been using these wire colors for quite some time but be careful with each wire. Don't just cut a bunch of them together, cut each individual wire and remove it and tape up the factory wires.

+12V = RED

Ignition= YELLOW

Ground while armed (going to relay)=ORANGE

The wires at the relay are heavy gauge (14-12 gauge)

You will see your factory starter wire cut and connected to the two terminals on the relay

parking lights=WHITE

Door trigger = GREEN

Trunk trigger=BLUE

Unlock = BLUE

Lock = GREEN

Hood pin = GREY

Factory arm (if required) = either GREEN from lock, or GREEN/WHITE

factory disarm = either BLUE from unlock, or GREEN/Black

Ground = BLACK

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