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Originally Posted by 5.0 Candy REDCS View Post
It would be awesome if Deysha can confirm the compatibility of the XL-18 with the current tranny fluid FORD is filling up with. Long term negative effects are usually not immediate, but rather a slow degradation of oil/ components, then suddenly, you have issues on your hands... it could also constitute a decline of warranty...
Before everyone starts to interpret what I'm saying as " don't use this stuff in your tranny, or hell breaks loose" scenario, I am willing to get full confirmation from Ford. I remember looking at the chart posted back in this thread, and it mentioning it CAN be used as an additive, That was a FORD transmission oil type chart, OR it appears to be a legit document.
Daysha can clear this right up for members that are thinking of adding this to their tranny, with FORD's blessings.

Years ago, when I first bought my 2003 full size van, I had taken it in for a basic oil was just around 5,000 KM and book called for oil change at that interval... guy in service ALSO told me the diff oil needs to be changed after seating in, he also said a "NEW" additive to gear oil has been released by Dodge and would be added in as well, something to do with improving the lubrication to the internal clutch plates.....within 20 KM of leaving the dealership, the rear end was binding something nasty, and ended up being towed back resulting in the entire diff having to be replaced on Dodge's dime, so as the saying goes " once bitten, twice shy".
Just being very cautious with this guys, not trying to spook anyone here... Daysha comes back with positive findings regarding this additive, great!!!!
Originally Posted by 5.0 Candy REDCS View Post
Thanks for the answer Deysha, there you have it gentleman, no more, no less than what FORD recommends...
You’re very welcome, 5.0 Candy REDCS! There is no more info I can provide that I haven’t posted already on this additive.


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