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konrad, I understand your perspective of comparing model years and so forth, and that is all good and fine, MY bottom line is based more on PRESENT overall looks than anything else... If I am slapping down hard earned money ( $40,000+ ) on ANY car, the first and formost emotional connection to ME is over all looks...if that connection is not there, I really don't care how fast or slow the model is...that aspect of the buy comes when I start to choose the options, V8 versus a V6 versus an eco boost, auto trans versus a 6 speed manual and so forth.
In defence of the 2015, I love the rear end, side profile looks great, my sticking point is the cross breeding FORD infused in the front end with a Fusion/Taurus distinct look, The front grill assembly looks so cheap and out of place, I seriously felt embarrassed taking pics of it!
It just did NOT do it for me one bit, and that's after I specifically went to the auto show in Toronto to view it, hell, I did not go there to see what GM or Toyota or for that matter VW had to offer.... that whole exercise was to look/check out/sit in/compare and ultimately convince myself this is the NEW ride I wanted to buy!
There is a definite removal in the front end from staple Mustang cues...that does not appeal to me in the least, that does not mean I do not appreciate it's overall looks, but in the great scheme of things, it does not appeal ENOUGH to me to buy and own.
For this car guy, an emotional bond with a "look" has to be established first before I proceed to the next level, the buying process.
I'm sure it will sell reasonably well, and lots of customers will love it...but to me, there are better options out there.

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