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Originally Posted by 5.0_SD View Post
What's left from the factory will display song, whether it's CD, DVD, iPod, usb, direction of travel, outside air temp, and I think that's it (I do wish the clock still displayed there since the clock display on the Kenwood is tiny!)(I hear the 2014 models of Kenwood fixed this problem..hopefully a firmware update can restore it). I have the same setup and it did take a few re-flashes of the Maestro unit to get everything as it should be. I coupled those listed above with (4) JL C2570X for the doors and rear deck, (2) JL 10W1V3-4, and a JL XD6006 amp. It sounds awesome and everything works great. If I have any complaints it is the fact that the unit takes a little bit to be fully ready and when doing the climate stuff, the touch screen response is a little laggy (seems all other touch screen stuff is ok). Got my stuff from Sounds of Tristate.
5.0, thanks for your reply. I have a few questions if you don't mind.
1. Which Kenwood HU do you have? Which ones are 2014?

2. I really like the Ford factory ergonomics - the controls are intuitive & quick to use. I see this iDatalink puts all the HVAC controls on the touch screen. Are they as easy to use, esp. while driving in traffic?

3. I would have thought the Kenwood did all the display work on the songs - it sounds like the Maestro unit allows the factory display to continue to display the songs. So what's the Kenwood displaying then?

4. How does it *really* work with Sync? Again, I thought the Kenwood's hands free system would dominate, but it seems the Kenwood takes a back seat to Sync. Do all the Sync functions still work as Ford made them? All the Steering wheel buttons still work exactly the same / do the same thing?

5. I saw a youtube video of the launch of this at CES - they said the iDatalink Maestro allows the Ford Sirius tuner to work with the Kenwood deck & not require the purchase of the Kenwood Sirius tuner. What's your experience with this?

I'd really like to find someone with one of these in Texas & take a look at it. I'm looking at quite a chunk of change for my system & want to NOT make a mistake.

Thanks again for your help.

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