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Originally Posted by My3rdPony View Post
5.0, thanks for your reply. I have a few questions if you don't mind.
1. Which Kenwood HU do you have? Which ones are 2014?

I have the DNX890HD...the 2014 equivalent is the 891

2. I really like the Ford factory ergonomics - the controls are intuitive & quick to use. I see this iDatalink puts all the HVAC controls on the touch screen. Are they as easy to use, esp. while driving in traffic?

I wouldn't say they are "quick" to use, but they are easy enough to manipulate. IMHO, the original controls are easier to use as they are larger and mechanical switches.

3. I would have thought the Kenwood did all the display work on the songs - it sounds like the Maestro unit allows the factory display to continue to display the songs. So what's the Kenwood displaying then?

The Kenwood is still displaying song info and other things like folder lists for usb and ipod stuff.

4. How does it *really* work with Sync? Again, I thought the Kenwood's hands free system would dominate, but it seems the Kenwood takes a back seat to Sync. Do all the Sync functions still work as Ford made them? All the Steering wheel buttons still work exactly the same / do the same thing?

On my install it seems all the SYNC stuff works and all the steering wheel controls do what they did (except the volume if I volume down on the steering control and hold the button, it mutes the system...if I just want to turn it down, I have to keep hitting the button to go lower.

5. I saw a youtube video of the launch of this at CES - they said the iDatalink Maestro allows the Ford Sirius tuner to work with the Kenwood deck & not require the purchase of the Kenwood Sirius tuner. What's your experience with this?

Can't help you with the Sirius as I don't have SAT radio.

I'd really like to find someone with one of these in Texas & take a look at it. I'm looking at quite a chunk of change for my system & want to NOT make a mistake.

Thanks again for your help.
My answers in red...There are a few threads over at SVTP that have a lot of information and pictures...I'd search Maestro there and see.

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