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Originally Posted by Rasputin View Post
I appreciate the help. I know I need to update the map system, and find out how to activate the sync as well.
I bought her used so I don't have any knowledge of the sync, unless that includes the bluetooth connection to my cell.

The Automatic routing is very helpful if your a sales rep as it will sort your destinations in order from start to end point.
My company is considering taking the company cars back and making us drive our personal cars.
I like my truck, but the mustang has all the comfy and fun factor till I could get something practical.
Hi Rasputin,

If you need me to verify that your subscription to SYNC Services is active, send me a private message with your VIN and connected mobile phone number. I'm here to answer any specific SYNC questions too. Just let me know!



p: 800.392.FORD (Prompts 1 then 3)
t: @FordService @FordMustang @Ford
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