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2005 Mustang factory alarm help

Lately, well actually since this morning, I've been having some minor problems with the factory alarm (anti-theft system).

This morning I did the usual, disarm with the FOB, open door, sit in, put the key into ignition, turn, then NOTHING..... First I thought my battery went dead but my radio was still on. Turned the key again and nothing happened. Then I noticed the alarm LED light is flashing. So I curiously push the button behind it and turn the key. IT STARTS!

I thought I accidently push some wrong buttons so I ignored it, even though this never happened before. Then when I got off work, the same thing happened. Not sure whats wrong with the alarm. I didn't mess with the settings but seems like when I pull the key out for 5+ min and try to restart, I need to push the alarm button everytime.

Can someone tell me what can I do to fix this? Thanks a bunch.

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