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I echo what Chiz_65 says...the design of the climate control functionality (or disfunctionality) is pretty bad. Having to tap tap tappy sucks, and sometimes it misses a tap! The clock is a little annoying but I'm hoping that part gets fixed in an upcoming firmware update (meaning show it on the upper stock display). You can change a setting somewhere for the HD radio to be analog or something like that...I can't remember where that setting is but it helped my radio station reception quite a bit. I too had it freeze on me once and do the hot air thing once. I also agree that the navigation is really good, the gauge functionality I don't use much, but when I do, it is really nice having that (especially being able to see exact numbers instead of a stick in a range and also seeing individual tire pressure numbers is awesome).

But, after all that, I would NOT go back to stock...the sound and all the other goodies are just so much better with the Kenwood/Maestro/JL stuff in there and out weigh the couple of drawbacks.

ChiZ...stick it out bro, I think once you have all the little bugs worked out you will begin to love the Kenwood/Maestro. It did take me a little while to get used to things and I too felt for a minute there that I should not have gone down the aftermarket sound system road...but I'm glad I did now (other than it taking away, money wise) from doing other mods!).

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