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Originally Posted by ufstang50 View Post
Picked it up last night from the dealer. They say what I hear is normal gear whine from the gears meshing in the tranny. It sounds like I've got a freaking Whipple under the hood. I guess I'll drive it and hope it last. Good luck to the rest of you.
They had it for a month last time, and 4 days THIS time, and say that it's normal gear whine from the transmission? I don't believe this. If it's so "normal" ask to drive a brand new 2013/14 GT with 34 original miles on it, listen for the whine with the tech, then get back into your ride, and do the same thing, on the same road. Listen to the sound it makes and compare with the service technicians sitting right next to you. Then, have it escalated, and take it to a different dealership.
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