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I drove a gt with 5 miles on it while i was there and it had no whine. They told me i didn't drive it properly. Whatever that means. I took it to a different dealership and they said same thing normal gear whine from the mesh in the gears. Funny how gears 1 thru 4 do it but not 5 and 6. I am scared to do intake exhaust now but can't get anything out of Ford.

Im going throught the same thing. They say it seems normal to them, but the notchyness i feel cant be normal. I even had a rattle sound that happend around 3k rpm and was consistant and was in the car with the service manager when we both heard it several times until the car warmed up and he said they never could get it to do it again. But when im in it, it always does it. Doesnt make sense to me. Shifts from 1st to 3rd ar notchy and to 4th thru 6th are smooth as butter.. If its just "hoe the transmission shifts" then i would think it would be notchy in every gear.

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