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I always thought a good troubleshooting technique that good technicians use for finding noise and whine (especially internal noise) was to use a probe that looks like a stethoscope. A trained ear can hear the subtle differences when listening while up on a rack... Of course, if the engine/tranny/driveline needs to be loaded heavily to make the whine/noise, it's another story.

This is EXACTLY the same story as this one: Why does my mt-82 whine? - Ford Mustang Forums : Mustang Forum

(Same thread, different forum, same results.... same complaining users). One post referenced a couple of good articles:

Another on this forum with similar results/problems:

More of the same:

GOOD VIDEO here... sounds like a supercharger, you are right:

Affects 3% of the transmissions built:

The basics of Ford’s response to NHTSA investigation of the Mustang’s MT82 transmission:
  • Ford was aware of the problems via direct communication from customers and monitoring of online forums
  • Approximately three percent of transmissions were affected
  • Ford investigated a variety of issues and found issues with cold shifting, the clutch plate bolt, clutch stayout, and 5th gear synchronization (detailed below)
  • Each of the problems was addressed (detailed below)
  • Many other factors resulted in the reporting of problems, including driver effect, the skip-shift feature, the influence of online forums, vehicle modifications and abuse.
  • None of the issues caused a safety risk
  • Ford has no plans for modifications related to the Mustang or the MT-82 6-speed manual transmission in the next 120 days
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