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Originally Posted by knight5.0 View Post
This whole situation is really pissing me off, makes me feel like Ford knows there is a problem but no one wants to work on the cars and replace the transmission until they go all the way out or they grinding in a gear or two. Fell like they say the notchyness will last until the warranty is gone and then F me i can buy another Trans when it goes out. These cars arenít cheap and i expect more from ford for my money. Seems like every dealership i call about looking at the car is months behind on all the transmission work they have. Come on Ford! The my CSM offers me a complementary Ford extra care plan for an extended warranty last week. But when i spoke with her today and said i was afraid my warranty would run out before the car was fixed or the problem could even be diagnosed and i would like to accept the extra care plan, she says they have to diagnose the car with a problem first. What the hell good is the service plan if they have to diagnose the problem first? If they diagnose it first then it will be fixed thus limiting my need for the service plan. Iíve had no other issues besides the POS trans and the rattle. Iím just really disappointed with Ford! And Iím beyond pissed about it.
I am in agreeance with you. I used to work for ford last year and am very dissapointed with this. I want to keep the car long enough to get in to a 2015 or 2016, and the car should last 5 F****** years. I have been building mustangs since 2004. The dealer put almost 400 miles on my car in ten days - so much for trusting this dealer. my brand new rotors and hawk pads are notched to **** as well.

Deysha, the tranny now shifts hard into 2nd and 3rd after they flushed and put redline in it. I would like to escalate this if possible. I left the car at the dealer because i do not feel comfortable driving around in a car that feels worse now than it did when i first dropped it off...

I gave you a pm with my phone number. Please let me know how to proceed.

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