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im with you and all i keep getting is "hey man, we cant get it to act up". Such bull.. I feel like im getting swindled. And my CSM offered me an extended warranty and i tried to be nice and say i just want the car fixed, ford doesnt have to give me free stuff. Just fix the car, replace the damn transmission. Then after being basically blown off by the dealer i was at, i said i wanted the extended warranty and she said they had to diagnose a problem first.. What!!??? If they diagnose the damn thing and fix it under current warranty then why would i still need the extended warranty? And if they keep saying hey bud, can not duplicate. I cant have the warranty you offered?? Hell thats when i need it, for when this thing finally bites the dust i will still have warranty to have it fixed. Ford knows there is a problem with these transmissions, they should fix them when there is a complaint.

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