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Problem with rear driverspeaker being quiet

Recently, my 1999 V6 Ford Mustang had been having an issue with the battery draining. We took it to a mechanic who traced the drain to the stereo fuse. We then took it to a place that specializes in audio and they found that the drain was coming from the rear driver amp. Simply enough, we changed the amp and the drain went back to below factory regulation. However, since then, that speaker now produces very quiet sound instead of before when it worked fine. All other speakers work perfectly. My dad and I looked at it, but we're not really experts when it comes stuff with audio. I'm not opposed to taking it back to the audio place it was at before, but I was wondering if it was something that we could do on our own. Has the speaker gone bad? Or is it a wiring issue, and if so where might the wiring problem lie?

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