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Originally Posted by Brisoup View Post
For the most part, it's mainly issues with the I Pod. It's 4 years old & I plug it into the USB port. Sometimes it misunderstands me when I try to make a phone call from my address book, but not as much. I do not have navigation. The phone I have paired with Sync is Samsung Galaxy Android 4.1.2 . I tried calling Sync support a few months back about the message date Issue and they basically said there was nothing that could be done about It.Thanks for your help. Brian

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Hi Brisoup,

I have confirmed with a supervisor that our engineering team is aware of the text message issue. Unfortunately, there are currently no settings within your SYNC system which will resolve this. It has something to do with the format of the text information and how it is sent to the SYNC system. My best recommendation is to keep your software up-to-date (both on the phone and on SYNC. Check for SYNC updates at: SYNC Technology | SYNC Support | after logging in.

If your software is currently up-to-date, check out this link for some basic troubleshooting steps: Troubleshooting tips for SYNC and SYNC with MyFord | SYNC & SYNC with MyFord | Send me a PM with your VIN if the issue continues. I'll take a closer look.

Originally Posted by Elite_Deforce View Post
I have this issue as well but I pretty much know this is my fault since my iPod is loaded up past the recommended 10,000 songs and all the titles are screwed up. I'm sure if I hammered out a few hours of iTunes organization, it would work perfectly. There is also a little tool called Sync my iTunes or something like that that can help out.
It sounds like you're already on the right track, Elite_Deforce. Sync My iTunes is a great tool to organize your music information. The tool is located at the bottom of this page: Keep in mind that you must be logged into your account first.

Originally Posted by TheWhiteLight View Post
I guess I'm in the minority but I have the HTC One M8 and I have 0 issues, everything works as it should, voice commands and all. Maybe I'm just used to using voice commands from my computer and Xbox though. I love sync. I also have a pre made playlist, just for when I drive, that comes in handy.

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Originally Posted by csmhowitzer View Post
I have a Galaxy S4. I just got to learning about how to pair my phone up. A few weeks ago, I tried and it wasn't working. No phonebook or numbers, no text, but at some point I had texts, then lost them.

Anyways, I performed a reset, and removed the phone from the car. The dealership did it the first time to show me how to do it. So I did it myself, and it's flawless. Texts and phone calls are great in this car. The engine is better though.
Originally Posted by JCTurbo View Post
Mine works really well with my Galaxy S4 mini; no issues and i use all the features. My SYNC does what it's told.
Hey folks,

I'm glad to see you all sharing the SYNC love! You know where to find me if you have questions about SYNC in the future.



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