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Man, I'm clinging to 14 GT/CS and no "15" is going to make me trade. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and if you think the "15" Stang is the best thing this side of some good old Vermont maple syrup, then more power to you. Maybe your purchase will be the one that lifts 15 sales over 100,000 for the year!

My opinion, 2015 styling is freakin ugly....for the most part. I love the roofline and how it blends into the trunk area and the interior looks expertly finished. However, the rear is not really a sight to behold, and the front styling is a Fusion ripoff, and those foglight areas....huge. I truly doubt that Mustang sales will hold 100,000 after the first year, even with European/Asian sales included.

The Fox Mustangs (until 87) had awesome interiors for the day, with padded dash, padded door panels, thick carpet, and fully adjustable seats. The 94-2004 Mustangs also had complete padded dash, door panels, and thick carpet. The Mach sound system speakers had beautiful speaker covers for the door tweaters and rear deck. The 2005-2010 Mustang went with a complete plastic interior and J. Mays spoke concerning that stating that it was Ford's decision because so much money was being allocated to other refinements. In fact, IRS was hacked out because of $100.00 extra cost per car.

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