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Problems with 1988 mustang aftermarket stereo installation.

Hey mustangers!

Having some issues wiring up an aftermarket stereo deck to my fox. It has the premium sound package, which is why it's confusing as hell lol.

So far, I've taken out the stock cassette player unit, and I've taken out the stock little "football" amp too. I've got a Haynes manual and I have all the wiring diagrams but something's fishy

The problem is this. I hooked up the right front speakers to the deck and I can't get any sound out of them. The wiring diagram shows a white/red wire for the positive and a green/orange wire for the negative. I spliced those to the wiring harness on the deck to their corresponding spots and I've got nothing.

I'm a little stumped, and I've heard that these premium sound mustangs are a damn nightmare, about this close to saying screw it and making it car toys' problem

Any ideas?

If needed, I can take pictures and give more details tomorrow (I work graveyard shift at the 'ol jail, hence the midnight posts).

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