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The CD deck is the same. They are going to be a pain to remove the cables and clips, because it's been sitting for 15 years like that, so be patient, and try not to break anything.

Now that everythings removed, you will have two square looking black harnesses, one long gray/tan harness, an antenna plug, and an amp "ground" hookup. It's the one thats black and connects to a metal slit on the factory stereo. You don't need to worry about this hookup. You also don't have to worry about the cables that hook up to the CD deck. I wrapped this unused hook ups with electrical tape. Not sure if necessary, but I don't want anything short circuiting back there. Good precautionary.

Now, you need to buy a wire harness. For my stereo, I went to best buy and asked them to type in the details and they went way in the back to pull out the correct harness. It'll have two harnesses in it, one for the speaker wires (black box, has 8 wires coming out of it) and one for the power of the deck (I believe color is gray, long rectangle). I do not remember the number of the product (I think I threw away the bag ) but they should be able to help you out. Just make sure to ask "Can I get help from someone who really knows how to install aftermarket stereos?", otherwise they'll send just about anyone up there to help you.

You will also need to buy crimping connectors. You can buy a few packs of them for less than $5 at radio shack. Just make sure to get at least 20 of them, because you will be making mistakes. Here's a video on how to crimp wires:

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