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Upgrading Shaker Pro

I'm not happy with the Shaker Pro system, so I'm starting some upgrades. I'm replacing the 6x8s with two pair of JL Audio 5x7 next weekend. I'll let you all know how that sounds.

For the trunk sub, I'm going to get rid of that. My GT500 doesn't come with a spare, so I'm going to build a sub box and amp that mounts in the spare tire area and therefore takes up no space.

Ideally, I'd like to replace the amp, but can't find all the info on the wiring and can't locate an adapter to simply plug into the existing connections. From what I can tell, the amp is above the driver side kick panel, but I'm not sure if that's the sub amp or amp for all speakers. Also, if it's the sub amp, I'm guessing it drives only the door subs and there's a separate amp in the trunk sub.

The debate is that, if I can find a wiring layout and adapter that fits into the two wiring harness connectors that plug into the sub, I could get a 6 channel amp to drive all 3 subs and 4 full range speakers. Without that wiring info, I'd just get a 1 channel to drive the new trunk sub.

Anyone has any info about the wiring for that amp?

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