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Originally Posted by TheWhiteLight View Post
So do you think 2x10s would be to much?
I have never built an.enclosure, but I have a complete wood working workshop at my disposal, I just don't know what dimension/etc I would need to build.
What amp do you suggest, for my build?
Do you have any pics of your set up?
What's the part number on the Kenwood your looking at so I make sure I get the right one..

Thanks for your reply!
If I were doing it over again i would go for a single 10 maybe an IDmax or IDQ or 10W6 on 6-700 watts, my setup is just stupid, too much bass. Also if you have too much bass the whole car will rattle, Still trying to figure out how to stop the rearview mirror from rattling, really sounds obnoxious.

Do you have a budget in mind? don't blow your cash on subs and neglect the mids and higs and their respective amp(s)

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