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Originally Posted by TheWhiteLight View Post
Yeah definitely not best buy...I'll probably buy the zenclousures box, and get a couple kicker 12s, what amp do I need for 2 12s?
I know that a set up like I want won't cost more than 3k for sure...

TheWhiteLight AKA Matt
There is a huge range of 12's available From Kicker anything from 200 to 2000 could be appropriate depending on which speakers you choose. I am running 1100 watts to a single Image Dynamics IDmax 12 now, but it is rated to 1000 RMS and 1800 max. That much power would fry a lower end speaker.

Just for general reference I like the alpine PDX and MRX line of amps they perform well, do more than rated power are fairly clean power, and are relatively inexpensive. Without getting too specific some other brands of amps I would recommend are in no particular order: Arc audio, JL audio, Zapco, Zed, and Zuki , the last two are a bit obscure but very very good amps.

In my current system I am running 1 alpine and 2 Arc's, I am considering replacing the arc's with either a Zed or Zuki the next time I refresh the system.

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