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Originally Posted by Nibis View Post
Dang, wish I knew about the antenna when I installed mine, twice, LOL, I use the evil cartman method on the 11 V6, but just tapped into the right rear speaker for the sub input on the 12 GT
The 12" MTX with Kenwood Amp, bridged to 150 watts RMS is plenty for me, and that setup is almost 18 years old and still works great, had it in many cars.
What type of LOC did you use? The factory radios roll of bass (as most know). The AudioControl lC2i fixes this.


I'm not a "tuner", I am a ecu software engineer. Its different.

2011 GT500 = It gets me from A to B

If you want good technical help. Put your Year, trim, engine, and PCM code in your post! Its easier that way
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