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Install / upgrading 2007 GT with dual (962 & 342 watt) amplifiers using two 8ga kits?

I have finally gathered together what I hope to be a near perfect upgrade to my 2007 Mustang GT's audio system. I have read other posts concerning wire gauge and its size necessity once you near 1500 watts rms, after of course having bought two 8ga Kicker DCK8 complete install kits. The amplifiers are both new Kicker ZX700.5 (class A/B-D ) and CK300.4 (class D) putting out 962 watts and 362 watts rms according to their birth certificates.
The ZX700.5 will be pushing 70 rms each to four Kicker- CS68 6" x 8" Coaxial Speaker @4ohms, as well as close to 150 watts each to two KA-8-WOOFER Shelby Kicker 8", which according to the technicians at Kicker, are long throw 200 watt single voice coil @ 2ohm, which when wired parallel creates a 4 ohm load I believe.
The CK300.4 will be bridged to run 150 rms to a Kicker TCompS 40TCWS104 10" 600W Loaded Subwoofer Box w/ 300 rms. I'll still have two left over channels.
Now the million dollar question, should I use the two 8ga Kicker DCK wire kits, or buy a ZCK44 4-Gauge Install Kit?
I'm still using the Shaker 500 for now, and being that there is only going to be 4 RCA jacks gained with the PAC AOEM-FRD24 Radio Amplifier Integration Interface Adapter, with use, will it create a problem with the radios control (fade, L/R, and Menu) or does the adapter still allow all the Shaker 500 controls to be used?
This is my 1st large install, I'm hoping if someone has experienced something along these lines and has something to share, any info would be appreciated...

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