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here it is so far im not punctuating this thing lol.

Once upon a time Mr V sat on a large fake cushion whilst whistling and twiddling Mrs.
Vandermay high up through the smallest hole in his yard fence While eating a footlong dog named
Hershey Squirts. Finally barbie yelled that she is a soup nazi and crazy looking for a stripper
wearing a coat of armor piercing in her cleavage was a gnarley bull nose ring so I composed
myself and said hey mama what is your sign? She said I cannot regurgitate or parambulate as
well as Masticate or humiliate or contemplate The DEEP DARK secret known only to those in the
love with The one and only the truly the very special woman in the depths of the darkest
reaches of our minds are capable of performing the craziest things so when she said my name I
freaked and decided to jump into the midst of things blindly and stupidly yet cautiously and I
discovered that one should not jump one should just jump before they search their hearts and
their minds for stories never told and who knows the secrets we keep in the deepest darkest
vaults of our hearts for if they were told lives may be changed Reality may be rent and
experience may be free but you can never get a full refund unless you give it all and provide a
receipt With some assembly required and batteries not included he would have to pull his hair
out and then he decided to grab the scissors and run But then he accidently fell over and
rammed the scissors right up their nose Suddenly blood ran like a river all around the foyer of
his house on the hill meanwhile outside In the bushes there stood a rather large banana that
resembled a crocodile in color and texture and it jumped out of a big barrel in the front yard
of the trailer park so this lady pulled out her itty bitty umbrella and and said she was there
to investigate the bug problem but the wierd thing was there were no bugs to be found, so she
decided to get a Big Boy hot fudge cake and smear it all over her rather ample and supple
forearms, when she was rudely interrupted by the sound of a dog barking. So out came the
shotgun and the leatherman oh what a sight she was when she began to sing and dance at the top
of her lungs, so much so that it shattered the windows of the trailer and woke up the next door
neighbor who was dreaming of his true love a 1970 boss 429 with a 4-speed manual tranny but it
was stolen when he was just a young lad and to this very day he dreams of that which has been
lost hand that long is head of curly hair lock of blonde braided hair that came off his back
people thought him to be such a caveman a quite a sight to snurl their noses at but when he
turned and saw the woman that made his toes curl and he screamed out to her she reached for him
with hairy arm and offered to braid her back hair. She smile at him and said, "Put on a Barry
White CD." turn the lights low my eyes can't take the sight of those ugly knobby knees hanging
from the back of an umbrella rack they were grossly large and shaped like cans of spaghetti-o's
that had been opened and oozing a yellowish substance from the smallest pimple on the small of
her back, where she had a tatoo of the running pony galloping through the fields of the Amber
waves of grain. As she stopped in to look at the fluterring butterflys, she noticed a big black
freakish looking mother-in-law with a crazy looking mole hanging from parts unmentioned and
unseen by the public ever since Christ was a corpal or at least since Capt. Kirk defeated Khan
in the famous part of a movie filmed in the Gobi desert back in the Hollywood set that also
doubles as a factory that produces cheddar cheese flavored gummy worms for people that play
computer games til thier fingers feel like wet noodles drenched in sour pickle juice that has
been fermenting since 1969 when the man on the moon said, "Houston we have two eggs and ham
sitting on a plate in the middle of my large crater that reminds me of the name of a song that
begins with the words I can't get no fries to go along with that so don't you step on my blue
suede leisure suit because it just came back from the jungles of saudi arabia and I really want
a hot dog with cream sicles for desert." But, it was so hot it just melted all over the
freakish mole on her face, so she turned to the man and said, "

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