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[QUOTE=Exodus5;6306002]See, there is the issue. They want you to use their adjustable LCAs. I'm sure this would be no issue if I had those, but I don't so it is an issue. The problem is nowhere in their literature does it say "if you don't use our adjustable arms you are screwed". It just says "we recommend you use our (insert part number here)". Now that I've called them on the idea you HAVE to use adjustable LCAs, they tell me I'm the first person to ever have this issue. And I know that just cannot be true.

I think this part is unreasonable. They make adjustable parts for a reason. I think it's fair for them to assume the customer will consider the whole setup when buying parts. If they had to document every instance in which the part may not work perfectly the shipping on the documentation would be more than on the part...

The stuff in the first post is a little unreasonable though... If they agreed to take the return and send you a shipping label they shouldn't make you wait over a week for it. As for the rest, in my opinion it's upto the consumer to do a good bit of research rather than just buying parts and not expecting any issues that weren't included in a disclaimer

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