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Originally Posted by FSU logan View Post
What kind of code are the tunes written in?
The firmware itself is written in C/C++/ASM, with a Ford built RTOS.

Originally Posted by solidhadriel View Post
I've always wanted to learn how to tune, but I've not had the balls to try it on my own cars. lol
You gotta start somewhere! I'm hoping the Admins of this thread will create a tuning section.

If you have any questions, let me know how I can help!

Originally Posted by r3ap3r911 View Post
Is there a way to put back the ford counter to whatever it came from the factory so they cant see it has been tuned?
Yes, however, this is a pretty good kept secret by Ford. If someone had enough time and knowledge, they could find it fairly quickly.

Originally Posted by BullittSS View Post
So I'm about to purchase a canned tune, but a little hesitant about driving it out west in higher altitudes. Does the stock tune adjust air/fuel ratios for change in altitudes? How about 'canned' tune vendors? Also, thanks for the very informative post!
Yes, any tune will adjust for any altitude. The MAF meters the incoming air and makes proper adjustments.

Also, the O2 sensors are a great indicator to the PCM as well...


I'm not a "tuner", I am a ecu software engineer. Its different.

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If you want good technical help. Put your Year, trim, engine, and PCM code in your post! Its easier that way
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