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Originally Posted by MSP-GT View Post
So I ordered a new head unit for my 14 Mustang. Ordered it via Crutchfield over the phone. It arrives and they didn't include the antenna adapter. So I call them and the guy has one sent to me two day air. Cool right? So then I start to try and flash the Maestro RR adapter and it's dead. Nothing happening when I plug it in to the USB. After three hours of playing with computer settings, drivers, etc. I throw in the towel and call Crutchfield. The guy says he will send a new one out to me but does so standard shipping, meaning next week. It made no sense that they would ship the antenna adapter two day air but wouldn't do the same for a part that was bad from them. I just gave you over $1400! Come on!
Today I decided that I wasn't going to wait until next week to install what I bought last week. I found a new Maestro RR box locally and bought it. Worked like a charm so when the one gets here next week I will send it back along with the bad one. Just beware when you order from them that you are at their (and UPS) mercy and can end up waiting if something goes wrong.
I also have ordered many things from Crutchfield & have had no problems UNTIL I ordered the MaestroRR setup. I needed to cut a wire on my `13 V6 under the dash so the Sync would work with the new Kenwood unit. The instructions were woefully inadequate, & their techs were completely lost about the wire color. They gave me the tech number in Canada to Maestro & basically said "Good Luck". The guys at Maestro were not much help & were very condescending on the phone. If I was not already deep into the system, I would have told them to shove the Maestro unit where the sun don`t shine. I got lucky on another site where a member knew which wire had to be cut advised me & I finally got it fixed. So as far as selling the Maestro units, yeah Crutchfield does that, however they don`t know squat about hookup to a `13+ Mustang. Also, if you query Crutchfield`s site about speakers for a `13 Mustang, it comes up with something like "This car has not been researched", so you can`t be sure that whatever speakers you want will even fit the car, & that includes the Pioneer & Kenwood speakers that state on the box "Fits Ford & Mazda"

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