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Originally Posted by Black&Blue204a View Post
Why didn't you call the insurance company before you bought the car so you'd know the increase/decrease? I found out my insurance would go down with a new Mustang - that made my decision easy.

By the time you wait for them to send you the bill, it's too late. They pretty much have you where they want you.

*********** Before I decided to get the GT I had a casual conversation with the agent I've known for years. He said the premium would go up several hundred dollars but I told him I would get the Mustang anyway. I certainly wouldn't let an insurance increase, as unpleasant as that is, stop me from enjoying this awesome car.
As it turns out, the agency has my wife listed as having 2 traffic tickets, which she was never issued. She is also listed as the primary driver because the loan is in her name (the loan for our 2012 Mazda CX9 is in my name). My agent is switching the listing of the primary driver to me, will remove the 2 tickets that my wife never received (can't anybody do ANYTHING right??!), and adjust the premium accordingly.
We are also signing up for the defensive driving course at out library.
I do have inquiries at other insurance companies so we'll see where the dust settles.
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