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Originally Posted by BullittSS View Post
Sean, thanks -- I appreciate your feedback, as well as all of the others'. Having gathered a considerable amount of positive information, I'm leaning towards the ProCal unit. I am aware of the GT Track Key, and I'm considering that as well. Unfortunately, it's still not available to be shipped, and thus, no 'real life' data is available. I don't need to squeeze out every last bit of HP and torque, and the warranty advantages are obvious. A 60 lb/ft increase in torque at 1,500 RPM, improved throttle response and a Ford warranty make the ProCal a good deal for me.
You WILL be Very Pleased with the FRPP Tune
As I said, i have run Many a Tune in my '11, including STEEDA, Bama, AED, and even BBR....All of those Tunes were GREAT, but the FRPP tune is SAFE, and it Will kick you in the Pants with Ease!.....And you wont have to worry about that P1000 Code popping up when you bring you Stang in for warranty work.......

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