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Originally Posted by daustin View Post
Wouldn't the P1000 come up until a drive cycle is complete even with the pro cal? My P1000 went away after 50 miles of driving (Steeda 91 tune) and I immediately took it for an OBDII emission test which it passed. I did have all O2's turned on though as I had cats.

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Yes it will come up until a OBD II Sensor Reset has been performed (if you have a P1000 code active) Your CEL light WILL blink 7 Times after 10 seconds of a key on cycle....If your Rear O2's are Turned OFF, Your CEL light WILL Blink 8 Times after the same 10 Seconds with the key switched to Power on....And as you already know, if you are getting 8 CEL Blinks, No amount of driving will Clear that P1000 Code...Until thats is, you energize those Rear O2's through your Tuner......No FRPP Tune turns off the Rear O2 Sensors! Or ANY OEM Sensor for that matter!

What I meant was that you WONT have to worry about that Code giving the Dealer Concern to go checking deeper into your Copperhead PCM if he sees the FRPP C.A.R.B. Sticker (I placed mine in the Doorjamb, but Cali. wants it Mounted on the Shock Tower).......


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