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Sean Reilly
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Originally Posted by 5LHO View Post
Show me one dyno with significant improvement on TK and show me the data that the TK is the Procal tune.
First of all.....I had already stated that I WILL NOT let this turn into a Pizzing match!

I got my information straight from FRPP as to what the GT Track-Key's performance is going to be like.....I will say it again!.....It is the current Procal II Tune with the addition of the Toys that the Boss TK offered......It Will make More HP/TQ over the Factory OEM Tune!.....Is it anywhere NEAR as aggressive as any of the other Aftermarket Tunes out there?!....Well of course Not....

Show you dyno sheets??......The Product isn't even available yet!....And No, its NOT the Same as the Boss TK,.......Enough Said....

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