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Sean Reilly
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Hey Ken, the reference to the "I will NOT allow this Thread to turn into a Who's Aftermarket Tune is the Best?!".......

And it was in NOT My intention to make You, or anybody else for that matter, think that I Was refering to to any particular Member that has Posted (As of yet)...
Ken my man, I know that you are running a FRPP Tune, and you seem to be pleased with its overall characteristics....
My intention was to let others (And believe Me there are Plenty!!) that come across THIS Thread, to not bother "Chiming In" with the 'Ol
"Dont even bother with the Tune from Ford Racing! As its a waste of $$ compared to (Fill In the Blank) Tunes!"

Then what winds up happening??.....You then get 5 different Members with 5 Different Tunes, arguing amongst THEMSELVES as to which has the Better+Faster Tune!!.....And then it ALWAYS winds up going in a Direction that never ends well!...And after all of that, nobody is even talking about the Procal II anymore!
Thats why I took the proactive Stand that I did.....I did Not mean to offend anybody here...It was for the potential Troller that just Hates the FRPP Tune, and more than 80% of the Time, that particular Member/Guest has NEVER even used or driven in a Stang. that has the Tune installed in the First Place!!


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