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Originally Posted by Tribefan View Post
Regardless of what the Track Key ends up providing in terms of power improvements, is it covered by any kind of warranty once installed or does the Track Key complete void your power train warranty like a non-FRPP tuner?
As long as you have an Authorized Ford Dealer install the Software, which in the case of the Late (After July1st 2013 Build date) 2014-MY Stangs. (And the car MUST be a 3 Pedal) The ONLY way to enable the 2 Key Track-Key through the "Dual Path" Gauge Cluster, is to Actually have the Dealer Enable the Feature VIA the Dealers IDS Toolbox, because its not like just programing the "My-Key" Option....

In the case of Either the 2013-MY, and Early Build (Before 7-1-13) 2014-MY's since you are getting just basically a "Tune" that is delivered VIA the Pro-Cal II Device. theoretically You yourself can install it yourself.....

But, in BOTH cases, in order to be eligible for the Ford Racing 3 Year 36,000 Mile Warranty, One MUST have the Dealer perform the Install, as this IS the Only way to be covered under the FRPP Warranty.....So in essence, if your Motor Pops with the Track-Key, The Regular Ford Warranty Is Null and Void, and the FRPP Warranty goes into effect, as FRPP will be "On the Hook" for the new engine and labor...

At that point (if MY Coyote Popped) I would just pay the extra 2 Grand to have them send a "Aluminator 5.0" to the dealer for the replacement!


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