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Sean Reilly
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Originally Posted by Tribefan View Post
Sean, thank you for all of that info. I went from not being interested in TackKey initially when I found out it was coming to the GT, to now being totally Interested.

Just out of curiosity, will the GT Track Keys be visually different in any way from the standard keys? The Boss ones were red, weren't they?
No, the Only thing that FRPP is going to Send You is a Voucher with a Code, and the Dealer can either use one of your Original Keys programed to act as the Track Key...

Or you can pay for a 3rd Admin key in order to be Programed....But a "Little Birdie" hinted that they do have a Boatload of Boss "Red" Track Keys leftover, that they most likely will offer to GT owners to be reprogramed for a premium price.....

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