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Originally Posted by Sean Reilly View Post
Dont forget, the S550 GT with the "Performance Pack" (which is what is replacing the current Track Pack GT's) Will Indeed have a Full Fledged Line Lock!.....

Imagine how many Tires Ford is gona be a Selling!!...Man, they have this All Worked Out!....."Hiya People! Mike Rowe Here!...We want to make sure that you Ford Mustang Peeps have a chance for some Great Savings on all the Choice High Performance Rubber for your State of the Art Stangs!"

Honestly, I'm not a fan of line lock. I think it is a stupid gimmicky feature that only has 3 purposes:

1. Look like a jackass
2. Break something/void your warranty
3. Waste $$$ on expensive rubber
4. Look like a jackass

Sorry, that's 4 purposes

I'd prefer if Ford actually spent money on a feature that had a performance-boosting effect. Oh well, that's a bit off topic from the ProCal discussion. Regarding that, as one of the first customers for FRPP's tune, I look forward to them handling the ping issue a bit better. As someone who had the ping, I want a bit more support from them in fixing it rather than telling me it is there "by design".....not too comforting!

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