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Originally Posted by cababah View Post
Honestly, I'm not a fan of line lock. I think it is a stupid gimmicky feature that only has 3 purposes:

1. Look like a jackass
2. Break something/void your warranty
3. Waste $$$ on expensive rubber
4. Look like a jackass

Sorry, that's 4 purposes

I'd prefer if Ford actually spent money on a feature that had a performance-boosting effect. Oh well, that's a bit off topic from the ProCal discussion. Regarding that, as one of the first customers for FRPP's tune, I look forward to them handling the ping issue a bit better. As someone who had the ping, I want a bit more support from them in fixing it rather than telling me it is there "by design".....not too comforting!
I have to Agree with all of the Above (As far as any Line Lock feature!).....

As far as the "Ping" that at least 1/3 of FRPP users are experiencing with the Procal II Tune, I cant seem to get my Coyote to Ping (I was forced to use 91 Octane last fall, But I was on dead E and forced to put in a few gallons.) And even with mine set to "N" (For 93 Octane" And I went out of my way to try and get my Bulket to throw me a Can of marbles under heavy load, to NO AVAIL!!.....I just cant understand why some experience the infamous "Ping", and I couldn't get it to it to do it at all! Not even a Tiny Click could I get out of her.....

Do you get it even with it set to "Y"??.....When did you get the Tune from FRPP?.....

As I know for a Fact the ones that they Wrote in the past 6 Months seem to be MUCH improved over the previous Tunes......,I would see if they cant Send you a new MMC card to load into your Procal those guys over at FRPP are a bunch of great Peeps!

I mean heck, I bought a Brand New "Unopened" Procal II from a Member here at AFM last year, but being that My GT has the Track-Pack Option, the Tune that came with his was not compatible with the TP's Strategy (And Yes there are differences between the TP's Tune vs the Non TP Strategies!) And those guys were more then happy to send me the Right Card, as long as I sent them back the Original MMC that came with the one I bought ......Hey cababah, when did you purchase your Procal II??.....And was your PCM updated to the latest "Firmware" from your Dealer? As THIS can make a huge difference....

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