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Originally Posted by DonJuan16 View Post
Does anyone know if you can still buy the Navi-Empire unit or what happened with it? IMO it is the best looking option for cars without sync. Below is a link to the product on amazon. Ford Mustang 10-13 OEM Relacement Android Multimedia Navigation Dvd Cd GPS Radio Car 2010-2013 [Navi-Empire]: GPS & Navigation
Don't know but you could email them. I decided against it because it still does not have the sub woofer outputs and a touch screen isn't all that important enough to me to swap out. I actually am still on the original unit that came with the car. Luckily, when I do drive it to work, it's mainly talk radio so sound isn't too big of a deal. When I want to listen to music with a little punch, I drive my 01 Tribute as the OEM system in that is much better than my mustang. I still am having issues with spending so much money to upgrade it. I don't know how much longer I'll own this car actually. I've have had it two years next month. Still have the dash squeaking at times and passenger door rattle that can't seem to be found. I suppose I could drown them out with a better sounding system, who knows? We'll see how things go.

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