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^^This^^ is when using an aftermarket HU with the Ford OEM amps...which only uses a 5V RTO.

I believe Shipey has aftermarket amps with the Ford OEM HU which would explain why the installer used a switched 12V source for the amp turn on (most aftermarket amps require a 12V RTO input, and most aftermarket HU's use a 12V RTO output) Ford...for whatever reason only uses 5V to trigger the stock Shaker amp.

I stumbled across this...

Pac TR 4 Low Voltage Trigger Remote Turn on Off Pop for Aftermarket Amplifiers | eBay

Looks like it could be wired to the Shaker head units 5V RTO which would switch a set of dry contacts or some form of internal relay connected to a 12V input source for an aftermarket it has built in time delay to eliminate the popping that can happen when the amp and HU turn on/off at the same time...

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