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New 2014 Ford Mustang GT 5.0 damaged by dealership

And since people are wondering who the dealership is that is doing the ripping off and dealing in deceptive practices, Golf Mill Ford in Niles, IL.

I am going to go ahead and update this first post in the thread since it has drawn quite a bit of attention. First off, let me be very clear that the only reason the car had 700 miles on it was because they could not perform the 'protection' work to my car until the guy who is in charge of the aftermarket work came back from vacation. And that was 2.5 weeks of driving before they could schedule anything. So, I gave them the undamaged car at 700 miles to undercoat it, put the 'paint protection' on the car, and do the interior protection. I also, before signing delivery of the vehicle, noticed the passenger side window had hairline scratches to it. I received a 'We Owe' slip for the window. On this day they also replaced the window (with an aftermarket) and aligned the door as I noticed the door was not closing all the way. This is when the damage occurred to that door.

Take into consideration the literal meaning of the word investment - an act of devoting time, effort, or energy to a particular undertaking with the expectation of a worthwhile result.

Oh, also, other than the Ford Service person here, 'Deysha', asking me to PM her and seeing if this was resolved, I have not heard from the Regional Manager nor have I heard from the Dealership after I went over and told them I wanted the car to be replaced and I would pay for the wear and tear of 700 miles.. Silence..

Other question, if I get the bank involved, where the unpaid portion of the loan resides, can they help any? After all, they hold the title until the balance is paid off on the car..

Other than that, please feel free to continue reading..

It sucks my first post to these forums is under crappy conditions but I have a question for everyone out there. I bought a brand new 2014 Mustang from the Ford dealership (I will leave the name of said dealer out of this forum for now). I know everyone says not to buy the 'paint protection' package they offer but I did. So, I brought it to them on Monday morning to have that work performed and also showed them my passenger side door was not properly aligned and asked them to fix that as well. On Tuesday I was told the car was done. When I arrived I inspected the car like any normal person would. I noticed they over-sprayed the undercoating on my tires and rims and also got it on my muffler tips. So, I asked them to clean it off and clean the dust off the car so I could visually inspect the vehicle. And boy am I glad I did.. The passenger side door was dented about the size of a dime but the surrounding area, where the metal was disturbed, is about the size of a chocolate chip cookie. You can see the cracks in the paint.. They told me they would fix it and even owned up to the fact that the body shop they sent it to for the door alignment was responsible for it. That the tool they apparently clamped onto it was the cause. So, last night I get a phone call from the punk service kid telling me the car was 'all set'. I asked him if the dent was completely gone and that part of the car repaired and he said no, that you could still slightly see it but it's a black car and you can see everything on a black car. That if I had a problem with it I was, 'nit picking'. To, 'come and check it out'. So, I went.. But, I went with the police as they had bailment of my vehicle and filed a report for damage to property, non-criminal. The Service Manager gave his statement to the police officer saying they did indeed damage it. But, now, my problem is this. The car is beautiful, it will be garage kept and I don't plan on having anything else seen on my black car except a beautiful black paint.. There is zero damage anywhere else on the car except this one spot.. And you can see it. My brother spotted it, my neighbor spotted it. It is there.. The only way they can fix it is by skinning the entire door, stripping it, repairing the metal damage, and then repainting it. My problem with this is the paint will not match. I will be able to tell.. My brother and I rolled a yellow mat next to the car and he explained to me how there would be a transition from the fender to the door and then back to the quarter panel.. That if they did the repair that door will never match again. And, after googling around, I am inclined to agree with him.. So now the question becomes, what do I do? Do I accept the dimple you can see in the car? Do I do the paint? Both will be visual eye sores for me and I am really pissed I am in this situation due to negligence on the dealers part. I called Ford and have a regional manager contacting me back as well.. I really just am bummed I bought a brand new car and the factory paint job will no longer be factory.. Is there anything else I can do?!

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